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Zurich sightseeing - Sophisticated Wonderer

Living in Zurich is exciting for a food and nature lover. I could describe Zurich in some ways being the best of a big city and the best of a small town. If you like outdoor activities such as hiking, wake boarding, sailing, cycling, rock climbing or mountain climbing it is by far one of the best cities to live in. It’s incredibly close to all of the alps and the lake.

When it comes to food, I observe regular openings and trends enriching our daily life and stomach! The diversity of restaurant, coffee shops and bars you can find here is fascinating.

I guess all of this makes life here very attractive and diverse, for local Züri-People and for visitors. I love to stroll through the city with my bike. The city is easy accessible by bike. You can rent quality bikes with Zurich on Wheels at different spots around the city. It’s the fastest way to move, see the beauty of Zurich, and get as much of the city as possible. My favorite route starts at the lake around Bellevue and goes all down to the river Sihl, where in summer people go for a swim in site called Letten.

A coffee place to start the day

My favorite coffee place to start the day is the coffee bar Grande (grande-zurich.ch) located at the Limmat river. I come here to work or to observe busy passersby. Grande Café bar captured my heart because of its Specialty Coffee and fresh bakeries made from John Baker, a local producer of bread and the best chocolate croissant! But also because of its wonderful location and cozy interior.


For lunch my favorite hot spot is a Street Food Market hall close to Paradeplatz and the bank district called Pic Chic (pic-chic.ch). On the way to Paradeplatz you find the world-famous chocolate producer Sprüngli where you should try their specialty called Luxemburgerli that is a soft macaron. For Dinner the must try is the local dish called Zurich Geschnetzeltes. It’s sliced calf meat on a creamy champignon sauce with some fresh golden roasted potato Röschti! Get that at Kronenhalle close to the lake at Bellevue.

Ready for a Cocktail and feeling the vibe of local Zurich people at night?

Visit the bar Raygrodski (raygrodski.ch). Here you get asked what your cocktail preferences are if you are overwhelmed to choose out of their fabulous menu! One of my favorite drinks is the Basil smash.

Zurich is small, visiting it by bike will give you the whole picture in one day! Absolutely recommend to bike to the industrial area, too, where you find the arches called Viadukt. Here local artists present their fashion, accessories or artisan food in a hall called Markthalle. I am sure you’ll fall in love with the brand FREITAG that produces sustainable bags and clothes. Once in their flagship store you should walk all the way up their container tower to see the Zurich from the above!

I absolutely recommend visiting Zurich in summer, the city offers plenty of music festivals and open air events. If you are a Techno and Electro enthusiast you should not miss the Streetparade in August. Here over 1 million visitors transform the whole city into a dancing mobile mass to officially demonstrate for freedom, love and tolerance.


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