5 High-Tech Wine Accessories for the Wine Enthusiast


If you want to make a wine enthusiast happy gift him wine accessories. And if you want to make a geek wine enthusiast happy gift him high-tech wine accessories.


Wine Accessories – Best Gift for the Wine Enthusiast


And if you consider yourself a wine enthusiast, you are not a real one until you start your collection of accessories to go along with the wine drinking ritual. A wine bar, a sophisticated wine opener or two, an aerator and a wine saver. You don’t need much.


Your Own Wine Bar



You have opened that nice bottle and now you feel like you have to finish it? Not anymore.

This handy accessory chills and preserves opened wine up to 10 days, And it has 2 independent compartments so you can preserve red and white wines at their respective serving temperatures for by-the-glass enjoyment.

Oh, and it vacuum seals the wine. But you can also chill unopened wine bottles.

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Drink without Pulling the Cork


This system keeps your wine safe from oxidation, allowing it to continue to age naturally. It doesn’t damage the cork, so you can use it even on vintage bottles. The cork reseals itself imediately after usage. 

Argon gas, an inert gas used in the wine-making process, protects the remaining wine from oxidation.

The device fits on a variety of bottles.

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An Instant Wine Aerator


With the push of a button perfectly aerated wine is delivered straight to your glass. The large air contact surface helps speed oxidation.

This is apparently the only aerator designed to keep wine sediment in the bottom of the bottle and not in you glass.

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A Futuristic Wine Opener


You were trying to open that excellent wine bottle and you broke the cork? Woops.

Next time try this one. The transparent shell surrounding the corkscrew mechanism, allows you to see what’s happening. No guess work needed

Opening the wine bottle becomes a simple push-button operation. Your guests will be impressed. And you get a foil cutter to easily remove the seal.

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A Hands-Free Wine Saver


The wine vacuum pump removes the air from the wine bottle and keeps the wine tasting new and fresh for up to 14 days. The pump will automatically stop when air pressure is about 0.045Mpa in the bottle. 

You can use it for all red and white wines and the stoppers are reusable.

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We knew you were looking for a gift. You can thank us later.



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